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Debra Keating provides a personalised service to help you celebrate your life and love in a way which is more personal and most memorable. Debra is a qualified civil celebrant registered with the Attorney General’s Department. She also has a background in event planning and therefore offers a range of services to help make you special day a memorable one.

I take pride when working with couples and clients to help them create a memorable and meaningful experience and be a true reflection on their personalities.

Debra can accommodate most types of wedding ceremonies including Traditional or spiritual ceremonies – Debra will help you to plan a ceremony which is unique and appropriate to you and your way of life.

Debra has also worked with international couples to help plan their wedding ceremony here in the Australia and will even travel overseas to assist at your destination wedding upon request.

Many couples are now opting to include a symbolic ceremony as part of their wedding ceremony or renewal of vows. This is not essential and it may not be for you, but if you do wish to consider including a symbolic ceremony, then the following information may help you to identify which option suits you best…

What is a Symbolic Ceremony?

Symbolic Ceremonies are an additional element sometimes added to a service as a way to represent your unity through the use of rituals and objects.

Blessing of the Rings

Symbolic Ceremonies offer a ‘visual’ element to the day, and often include keepsakes which you can treasure at home for long after your day. They can be used not just to symbolise the union of your love, but to also including children or other guests in the ceremony as well by way of blessing the rings. This is where a child walks around the guest and asks them to touch the rings to bless them. The child will feel special that they have been asked to do this.

Ring blessing at wedding for debra keating weddng celebrant northern suburbs

Hand Tying or Fasting

Hand fasting or tying is more recognised as a symbol of joining two people together in marriage. the celebrant will usually place the two ribbons over the couples hands and will arrange for someone else to tie them over. as each promise is spoken the ribbon will be wrapped around the hands. When it is completed, there will be a knot tied to form an eternal loop, before the hands are released and the the loop is taken home to be kept as a visual reminder of their bond.

hand tying blessing at wedding for debra keating wedding celebrant northern suburbs

Sand Ceremony

To put two different coloured sands into one vessel is considered to represent to joining of two two together in a visual and permanent way.

The coloured sands symbolise two peoples tiny pieces of individuality mixed together in one container. they will have their own colour layered in the glass jar. Separating these grains of sand would not be possible later and they will be forever joined. This keepsake will forever be a decorative item to commemorate your lives together.

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Wedding Venues

There are many wedding venues around Melbourne and this is just one of them.

Ballara Receptions wedding celebrant northern suburbs

Ballara Receptions

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