Debra Keating – Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

You’ve chosen your marriage celebrant in Melbourne and it’s now time to think about the Vows.

You’ve planned to write your own with your partner and read them out loud to each other, right? But where to start. It’s going to be the personal touch that you were looking for and will have a huge impact on your guests if they hear them from you. With the little familiarities that you two share with each other. The relaxed friendliness or intimacy between people who love each other.

You know you can have the standard wedding vows which have been repeated since time in memorial, but you want to be able to express your personality and have some influence on what you want you guest to hear on this very important day.

With Debra Keating, you will have that chance. You won’t want to write the entire service but the vows are a different thing and your input will be significant. Debra will guide you through the entire service, allowing you and your partner to express yourselves.

Some couples may struggle putting their thoughts down in writing whilst others know exactly what they want to say. If you are in the first group, Debra will help you write your own vows making them your own. She will be there to assist you if you need it.

Marriage celebrant melbourne debra keating from Eltham

Planning your Vows

Find a spot where you and your fiance can sit and talk about what you would like in your ceremony. think of your times together already and of the special moments that you have shared. You will have already accumulated many memories together that you would like to share with your friends and other guests. You know that you love each other and why you are getting married, so you could write what you love about each other.


There are ways you can remember the life you have spent together already by going over old photos, talking to others about some of the times spent with them that they remember about you. You might have spent time alone sitting side by side each reading a book quietly accepting the tranquility of the moment and allow your partner that quiet time as well.

The Written Vows

Now you’ve written them, read them a few times to go over them, but remember to put them down for a few days to think about more things that you might like to say and then reread them and finalise them.

If you would like to contact Debra, click Contact or telephone Debra on her mobile 0438 4 33272.

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